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Diversify Your Media!

When it comes to marketing your business, here at Hillsdale Web Design and Marketing Group, we understand that media should be diversified. After all, what works for one business may not always work for another.


It is nice to deal with a company that understands not just the nuances of marketing in the digital age but also the advantages of local marketing and promotion.”


- Aaron S. | Becker & Scrivens of Michigan & Ohio

We make  creatively bold


We'll create individualized marketing and advertising strategies for your business so your brand message and marketing budget stay on target. We ensure your local marketing and promotional efforts are working for you when, where and how you need them to!


[Sarah & Amanda] are creative, easy to work with, friendly, willing to help our organization with money saving tips and both go out of their way for their clients. I highly recommend their services!


- Paula C. | Hillsdale Community Schools


Who We Are

We are a group of experienced and professional marketing, branding and web design experts.

As a full-service marketing, web design and branding agency we specialize in perfecting your company's tone and voice, improving your website’s search engine ranking and understanding the uniqueness of your demographic… Essentially, we take the guesswork out of your marketing plan™.

Getting started with a website & online marketing can feel a bit daunting at times. However, through our partnership your business's online journey doesn’t have to be scary. Your marketing plan can be manageable and obtainable!

Tailored Marketing Solutions


To help our clients see a return on their investment we focus on 5 key strategies that we feel are the most important when it comes to successful marketing plans. 

  • Strategy & Research

  • Tone & Voice

  • Web Design

  • Search Engine Ranking

  • Marketing

Strategy & Research

Web Design

Tone & Voice

Search Engine Ranking


Customized Marketing Plans


With a sound strategic foundation, your marketing strategy plan will strengthen the link your organization has with your customers. Your search engine ranking will be higher and your sales will improve!

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Responsive and User-Focused Websites

  • Return on Your Investment

  • Marketing Packages for All Your Offline & Online Needs

  • Strategic 
    Marketing Plans

  • Project

  • Copywriting


  • Tailored

    Marketing Solutions


Wonderful to work with, very professional... Explains in detail how to handle your online presence with accuracy and confidence.


- Shelley M. | Hillsdale Craft Supply

An 'Ink'credible Shopping Experience

What We Did:

Insights & Strategy, Photography, Copywriting, Web Design

White Feather

Planting a Seed of Hope

What We Did:

Web Design

White Feather

Always Exceeding Our Expectations!

Saucy Dogs BBQ | Susan Sweeney

Hillsdale Web Design stepped up and delivered our updates VERY quickly! Amanda has made the Saucy Dog's BBQ site a beautiful, easy to navigate site - always exceeding our expectations!

5.0 Rating

Ready to start? 


Contact us today to see how we can become an extension of your business today. We love talking about marketing!

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