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Custom Website and Search Engine Solutions 

The Ultimate Website Starter Bundle by HMG

​How can a company become noticed quickly and efficiently online?

The answer is with a fantastic web presence!

It all comes down to engaging Google and cultivating relationships with your online community, and your business should communicate with search engines while interacting with consumers.


To be found quicker on search engines, social networking platforms, and directory listings, your business needs a website that appears above your competitors in search results. However, having a website does not guarantee that your company will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

We have developed the ultimate website starter bundle for all business owners.

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We will analyze your online presence before establishing how your company should engage online. We will look to see what listings your company currently has online, conduct a direct and organic search, evaluate the authority, analyze your social media platforms and your current website, and provide remedies based on our findings.

4-Reports with clear interpretation of.jpg
You'll receive a directory listing report, an online presence analysis report, and several other documents that aid in our research, such as a backlink list of your competitors and a list of your potential keywords.

We will compile a piece of writing with 1500 words. This document will include keywords and phrases essential to your organization. We find these keywords and phrases using SemRush and Google's keyword search tools. This document will describe your organization's services, advantages, and the benefits your customers may anticipate. The finished product will be written in your brand voice and utilized in promotional material.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
You’ll receive A 1500 Word document of optimized copy custom to your business.

Any company that wants to engage with customers should have a branding toolkit. Your toolkit will also assist you in demonstrating to other agencies what your brand marketing entails.

Image by Balázs Kétyi
You’ll receive a .pdf that presents your branding toolkit as a whole that you can share with anyone! You’ll also receive a zipped file that contains a .eps, .png, .jpg, and a .pdf of your vectorized logo, a .png of your Favicon, font files, and all 25 .jpgs of your stock photos.

Being sociable online is about quality over quantity, so we'll start by creating or optimizing two of your social media platforms. We will not only ensure that the content in your ‘about’ section, categories, and so on is optimized, but we will also create five unique posts for you to publish whenever you are ready!

Why You Need A Website and Not Just a Facebook Page (4).jpg
You’ll receive 2 optimized social media platforms of your choice ready to use and five individual posts, including copy, hashtags, and a size-appropriate graphic for each platform.

Google needs a lot of information so we provide our Directory Listing Platform (DLP) to all our clients. The DLP allows you to monitor and control your data on:

Google Business Profile
Bing & Yelp
Facebook & Instagram
Amazon Alexa
Better Business Bureau
Plus 45-75 or more* other online directory listings


4-Google browser_google chrome search engine.jpg
You will be invited by email to accept access to your listing’s management platform, allowing you to update your information whenever you need to! From there, you will have additional access to the three major search engines.

To get discovered online organically, provide material that demonstrates your business understanding. We'll generate six SEO-optimized posts for your website every other month for a year. Your blog needs 500 words, keywords, phrases, an external authority link, an internal anchor link, social network links, photographs, and videos. We'll also inform your website's subscribers when a new blog post is published.

Image by Jess Bailey
You'll receive 6 custom blogs published and emailed to your contacts.

Contrary to what Google wants, your website's visitors desire a simple, straightforward web browsing experience with little text. They favor vivid tones, big typefaces, visuals, and audio. People want to know how things work, and what better way to do that than with a professionally produced video about your company?

Video Camera
You will receive two 3-minute videos about your company.

Websites can be straightforward or complex. You can have a 1-page website, a landing page, four pages for a 'brochure' site, custom programmed, created pages that pull data or need code, a store, a blog, or a 'work for you' type site. The possibilities are limitless!

Your website can have as many domains and professional emails as you require.

Image by Christopher Gower
You'll receive the premium website of your choice, that's not only powerful but custom designed with the user's experience in mind.

We not only design pages for users, but we also optimize the on-page content for Google! While a one-page website or landing page is OK, Google prefers websites with at least four pages. They also like having a separate page for your privacy policies and contact information.

Mobile Phone
We live and breathe UX Design! UX Design is designing web pages with the user's experience in mind. Take a look at some of the websites we’ve created and see for yourself!

If your website has a blog or forms, we will set up email reply automation for you that’s branded and ready to go so your subscribers and potential customers know you’ve got their back!

Image by Solen Feyissa
You’ll receive a website that communicates with your users!

We are Wix Partners and offer our clients a website platform they can easily use!


Wix offers more business marketing tools than Weebly, WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace.

Administrator Access

We wouldn't build up all of these fantastic services for your company and then compel you to employ us to maintain them; we're not that cruel! As a result, you will have administrative access to your website and all of its features, as well as your listings, allowing you to make adjustments and updates as needed.

We include 1 hour of free training at the time of launch. If you need additional training, that is not a problem, though!

1-Hour of Training

We include 1 hour of free training at the time of launch. If you need additional training, that is not a problem, though!

You'll also receive on and off-page copy optimization at time of set up.

This is how your website will communicate with search engines!

Search Engine Optimization implies different things to different people. To us, it means being discovered online organically by the people you want to be seen by. Hiring someone for SEO starts with research and strategy, followed by updating content, studying your competitors, outperforming them where they spend their time, and repeating the process.

So, while we provide SEO services, no one product or service assists in this process; instead, it is the result of many people working together. 

That said, there is something to be said about on and off-page optimization. Below is our checklist of what we do when we perform our Website Minor SEO:

  • Title Tags

  • Meta Description

  • Image Alt Tags

  • Image Descriptions

  • Tab Name vs. Slug vs. H1

  • Keywords

  • Cache

  • Social Image Share

  • Schema Markup

  • Word Count

  • Keywords

  • H1-H6/P Structure

  • UX Check

  • Call-to-action

  • Internal Anchor Links to HUB and Authority Pages

  • Button and Link Checks

  • Accessibility Wizard 

  • Website Settings

  • Business Info

  • Language & Region

  • Get Found on Google

  • Sitemaps

  • Google Console

Additional Marketing Services Available Upon Request!

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