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Amanda Hood, owner of ExtrOdinary Solutions came to use looking for help to get her business on "the map". Amanda was also looking to redesign her logo, so it matched her brand. We started by looking over Amanda's print collat-eral and learned about her demographic and services. Amanda wanted a classic site that showcased their services. We successfully got ExtrOdinary Solutions connected to Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo, revamped their logo and created a custom and branded site. We really enjoyed working with Amanda on these projects!

What We Did |

Logo Design, Web Design

Logo Design

ExtrOdinary Solutions' logo was designed to display a caring yet easily defin-able brand using a little script typography at the top of the logo and then a strong Serif typography at the bottom. The hands represent caring for loved ones and is displayed in line of the business name, "ExtrOdinary Solutions" as the "O" to indicate that the o is capitalized but also that home care services is backed by confident business solutions. the logo's palate is mostly burgundy to tie in that the company was founded by a female, Amanda's favorite color.

Why did you decide to invest in website design?
I invested in a new website so that I could tell the community about my busi-ness–who we were and what we do. I do not have any expertise in this area. Hillsdale Web Design was highly recommended.
What were you struggling with most in your business before investing in website design?
We struggled with getting the word out!
How did investing in a website help your business?
Our site is helping explain our services to the public.
Any advice for people just starting out or wanting to create their own business?
Talk to Hillsdale Web Design and Hillsdale Marketing Group and they will put you on the map.

Web Design

ExtrOdinary Solutions' website was designed using Weebly so that Amanda or her staff would be able to edit their site themselves, easily and efficiently without the need to learn code or understand complicated platforms or plugins. Their site is responsive and displays nicely on all devices. We also obtained ExtrOdinary Solutions' Google My Business Listing and connected the site to their Facebook business page.