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Sandra, with InkCredible had started a website so she could sell branded, handpicked gift pens. She had started her process in getting her products online but hadn’t finished publishing. She knew she needed to hire a professional company to get it to the next level. She reached out to us to enquire about our services. At the first glance of her site, we were impressed! It immediately told us who InkCredible was and what they did­–they sold unique gift pens that were only available from them. After talking with Sandra and taking a closer look at her site, it was clear that InkCredible wasn’t just selling as a hobby, but rather it intended to build a name for itself. We knew we could help Sandra take InkCredible’s site to that next level!

What We Did |

Insights & Strategy, Photography, Copywriting, Web Design


Insights & Strategy

We spent time talking with Sandra about her marketing and business goals. We provided insights and strategized with her on who she was marketing to, what it was she wanted to achieve, where and when she would achieve this and why she wanted to do what it is she does.

It was clear that InkCredible had some really cool products to sell to the world so in order to reach her audience in a way that would encourage sales, Sandra needed some really nice images of her pens.



Sandra mailed us a sample of each of her in stock items. We took photos of them and edited them in ways that showcased them in their best light! Some images have a black background while others have white. We took images of the pens separately, in their case, out next to their case and in collections.

In addition to having great product photos, we also helped Sandra develop content. We wanted elegant and professional descriptions of each pen and a cohesive message that was also rich with keywords and phrases­­–a key element for user experience and selling online!

Tone & Voice

Our team developed descriptions and call-to-actions for each product Sandra had showcased and ready to sell as well as category descriptions. We added keywords and phrases to each section, and we made sure to add some to her ‘About’ section. We also proofed and reworked any additional content that was presented to readers on her site. Lastly, we wrote copy for the backend of her site, titles and descriptions for each page as well as image alt-tags.

InkCredible has a sleek and professional feel to it. Colors are made of blacks, grays, gold and browns. The only other colors are from what you see in the pens, making them the star! We do use one color block that is in line with one of her collections to draw variance to it on her homepage. The idea here is if and when she changes that product out, it too can change in color to match. However, the colors of her site remain as they are. The fonts she uses are very consistent, using only two. We chose not to use the font she uses in her logo as one of them so that it would have a space of its own. InkCredible uses mostly a sanserif font with just a touch of serif. When the serif font is used, it’s displayed in all caps, but we kept it mostly small in size to avoid shouting at the reader. We were sure to space the lines so there was amble ‘white space’. We kept the font size at a basic size, which we normally like to increase, but since the site focuses more on visuals vs. content, it was appropriate.

Now it was time to rework and design her site! Designing her site was easy because Sandra was pretty in tune with her branded imagery and colors. She wanted a dark site so her images could be the focal point but using white took away some elegance as her logo used a gold font and her packaging was gold and black and sleek. With having her content now ready to present to the world, we could move forward with laying everything out.

Web Design

It’s obvious that InkCredible’s site is an eCommerce one–a place for consumers to go to check out the latest and greatest gift pens they have available. The design of the site follows her brand message which will encourage brand loyalty. But Sandra’s site does more than this. Her site also acts as a brochure for potential distributors. Sandra’s business plan is to get her pens in the hands of distribution centers so while the site functions as a gift shop, it also relays to distributors that they can trust in Sandra’s commitment to selling quality ink pens.

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