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Please fill out this form to the best of your ability to get started on having HMG set up your directory listings.

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Images Required

While you are filling out this form, you will be asked to provide us with your business's logo, images of the inside of your business, images of the outside of your business, images of staff, and images of the products and services offered.

Please take the time to prepare your images prior to starting this form.

Products & Services Information Required

You will also be asked to upload a document listing out the products and services your businesses offers with TITLE and DESCRIPTIONS. Please be specific.


For example:

We offer Web Design, but in this, we offer Domains, Emails, Apps, UI/UX Design, Development, Updates, Maintenance, etc.

Emails, Domains and Apps are a Product but the Rest are a Service so we would list these out under Products and Services separately.

COVID - Health & Safety Information (Optional)

If your business has COVID regulations, please upload that file as well.