5 Tech Gifts to Keep Your Clients Secure in 2019!

Updated: Mar 2

Cybersecurity can sound like a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 5 Tech gifts you can give your clients to get them started on the right path to security in 2019! Do you cover your webcam? Worried about connecting to a USB because you aren’t sure if it’s secure? Keeping files, pins, and other forms of identification safe is a real concern. BUT, you can keep it all safe and promote your business at the same time with cybersecurity swag! Public charging stations are prime places for hackers to get private information. You may think you are harmlessly plugging in for a charge, but the truth is when you plug in, the data goes in both directions. “Juice jacking” is a form of cyber attack which occurs at a charging station, typically over USB. This does not mean you can’t charge at a public station with a USB, it simply means you need to take the proper steps first. Our USB Data Protector One of those steps is a USB data protector. This small device simply lets you charge safely from any USB socket with no risk of data transfer to or from your device. In addition to keeping your information safe, it also makes a great giveaway to customers, clients and staff. Our Ultra Thin Webcam Cover Worried about your webcam? Take down the sticky note, paper scrap or sticker. Webcam covers offer you full protection in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Removable and usable on any device with a webcam, these sleek and attractive covers add flare to your screen while giving you peace of mind. Our Phone Sanitizer Screen Cleaner Disinfectant A great giveaway at your next function is the gift of a clean phone! Dirt and germs are in constant contact with our phones, but how often do we clean them? Phone sanitizer and screen disinfectants are something most will not think about, but everyone can use! Our USB Charging Cable OR Our Solar Mobile Power Bank Charger It seems like every time you need to use your computer, tablet or phone, the battery is low! Carrying a compact USB charging cable helps you stay charged no matter where you are. No outlet? No problem! Use a solar mobile power bank charger to make sure you always have battery life to spare. Keep you, your staff and clients safe from cyber threats with these unique and fun gifts all customizable with your company’s logo and colors.

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