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Summer is in full swing so let’s celebrate! The warm weather is the perfect time to get outside, get together with friends and loved ones, or just get away! Enjoy the sunshine, have a cool beverage, and keep those mosquitoes away!

4 siblings having family fun at the beach splashing their feet in the water

Family Fun Month

Summer is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family! Get away for that long-awaited vacation, take some evening strolls together or take some day trips to local places of interest. It doesn’t matter where you are going as long as you are going together! Pick something every member of the family enjoys or take turns choosing destinations or activities. Who knows? You may find something new that you love! Families are important - so spend some time with the one you got!

3 ice cream sandwiches with a candle and a brownie

August 1 - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The warm summer days of August are the perfect time to enjoy a cool, drippy ice cream sandwich. The yummy cookie with just the right amount of vanilla ice cream in the middle makes it a perfect treat on a hot day. Get creative and make your own ice cream sandwiches experimenting with different cookie and ice cream combinations. With cookies and ice cream, how can you go wrong?

August 4 - National White Wine Day

While you probably never need a reason to enjoy a nice glass of white wine - today is your day to really celebrate! Visit a local vineyard and have a glass of white wine or take a bottle home to enjoy with dinner or dessert. Have a few friends over and make it a wine party! White wine is so versatile it is a preferred drink of many. However, 74 percent of Americans agree that two glasses of wine is plenty. (However, six percent admit to drinking the whole bottle!) Whether it’s a glass or two (or three), always drink responsibly!

August 5 - Work Like a Dog Day

We’ve all had those days. When the work won’t stop and we just have to keep going and going. For some of us that are every day! Well here is a day to celebrate all those workers who put in the extra time! On average, Americans work 34.4 hours a week - more if you work in Alaska where the average work week is 40.1 hours. During those hours, we Americans spend 1,700 hours a year looking at a screen (sometimes doing work, sometimes browsing social media). So during the dog days of summer, celebrate working like a dog. Just make sure you celebrate the time you do have off!

A woman riding her bike to work

August 6 - Cycle to Work Day

Get out of your car and onto your bike! If you don’t live too far from the office, give your vehicle a rest and work your legs to get to the office! Cycle to Work day was started in the United Kingdom, but there is no reason why it can’t be adopted and brought to the U.S. as well! Cycling is heart-healthy and can save up to 238 million gallons of gas a year! Start now and make it a habit and replace one day of driving to work with cycling to work, or to an errand. Think of how much healthier you’ll be!

August 7 - Professional Speakers Day

While it may be the number one phobia of Americans, public speaking is an important way to inform and educate. So let’s celebrate those who have the guts and poise to get up in front of many people and speak. Through the years there have been countless politicians, actors, and activists who have given some amazing and moving speeches. Talking in front of a group is not just about saying words, the emotion and passion public speakers evoke can change the lives of the listeners. Take the time today to listen to some of the world's best speakers and get inspired!

August 13 - Garage Sale Day

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is certainly true when it comes to garage sales. Garage saling is almost a sport for some people. Hunting through their no-longer-wanted items to try and find the diamond in the rough - and get it for a great price! Whether your kids are grown, your cleaning out, or just paring down - get ready for some haggling and bargaining when you put up that garage sale sign. Or maybe you are a hunter yourself. There are often some unique and interesting things that can be found for cheap at a garage sale!

people riding a roller coaster

August 16 - National Roller Coaster Day

Going to the highest peak, racing down at top speed, or looping upside down through the air, roller coasters are a thrill a minute and not for the faint of heart! The first roller coasters were developed in Russia in the 1500s and since that time engineers have been creating designs to make people go higher and faster than ever before. The coaster with the deepest drop is located in Yukon, Ontario, with a 90-degree drop that sends riders down 245 feet into a tunnel. Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point in Ohio is one of the fastest coasters in the world clocking in at 74 miles per hour. New Jersey boasts one of the world’s tallest coasters named Kingda Ka. At 456 feet that is nearly 45 stories high! If you’re seeking a thrill head to one of these amusement parks and jump on one of these amazing coasters!

protesters holding a sign that says Planet over Profit

August 17 - National Nonprofit Day

Does your business support local or national nonprofit organizations? Here is the day to give them some extra love! Nonprofit organizations help our communities in so many ways from animals to children to the elderly. There are individuals and groups throughout our communities that need a little extra support and nonprofit organizations are there to lend a hand. If your business does not give regularly to a nonprofit, consider today the day to choose a charity near to your heart and start helping out! Monetary donations are always appreciated, but volunteers are also needed. Help organize food at a local food pantry, give rides to the elderly or sit and snuggle with the dogs and cats in need of homes. Show some love to your community and local nonprofit today!

August 25 - National Park Service Founders Day

Summer is the perfect time to go out and enjoy some of our nation’s beautiful national parks. This is a day to celebrate the preservation and conservation of the breathtaking parks located throughout the country. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act on August 25, 1916, establishing the National Park Service. The National Park Service protects 84 million acres across the United States and its territories. Yellowstone National Park, our nation’s first national park, was created in 1872 and when it was created, the U.S. became the first country to create a public park solely for the benefit of its citizens. The National Park system has more than 300 million visitors each year.

August 30 - National Beach Day

It would hardly be summer without a national beach day. While some people may think of summer winding down at the end of August - the season is still in full swing! Don’t forget Summer goes until September 21, so soak up every minute of summer with a trip to the beach! Bring along a blanket or two, maybe an umbrella, and plenty of sunscreen! Whether you are traveling to a lake or ocean, sitting with your toes in the sand and a cool drink in your hand is one of the best ways to enjoy a nice warm summer day. So take a trip to the beach and soak in some rays!

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