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Updated: Mar 2

Following Users

Instagram recommends Business accounts follow a fraction of their followers. So, if your business page has 781 followers but it's following 739, you may want to consider unfollowing some accounts.

For viewers thinking of coming to see your business, they will want to check who you are following to see if you follow organizations that promote your industry. If you are a Brewery for example, follow MI Guide or Travel agencies who promote breweries, that sort of thing.

If your Brewery business is following another business that a potential customers is also following, that customer will find your business faster when it comes time for them to visit.

Avoid following the general public–people who follow you as patrons. If they are a business though, great.

Using Hashtags

Say your Brewery business is following 3 hashtags: #frenchfries, #michiganfryguy, #lifeinmichigan. You can follow more tags that represent your business–follow the ones you use and follow business related tags.

Avoid following anything that is not in line with your business and avoid consumers unless they are business related, community related, something that you want your followers to see that will help them understand who you are.

When it comes to using hashtags, use tags in line with your followers in a sense of ‘use’. This means that if you use a hashtag that has 10k followers you will be seen less often than if you use one that has 1k (if your business itself doesn't have 10k+ followers). If your business does, than go for the 10k and so on!

How Many Tags?

We’ll use about 15 ish tags every time you post: 1-2 Brand Representation, 4-5 In Line w/Following Qty, 4-5 Visual and 3-4 Higher Volume

Brand Representation

You'll use 1 or 2 that represent your brand. Use whichever ones you are talking about on the post at the time. For example, we use these often: #hmgroup #hillsdalemarketinggroup #hmgroupmi #sgraymatters #ahoneycreations #hmgcore4 #hillsdalewebdesign

In Line w/Following Qty

You'll use 4 to 5 that are in line with your following qty. For example, if you have 150 followers and are a graphic designer, you'll want to use hashtags liks this because they don't have a large quantity of other users using them: #shareenthusiasm #loveourclients❤️️ #welovedesigning #welovemarketing #freshideasdesign #freshdesignideas


You'll use an additional 5 that represent what the viewer sees. It can be anything that is being talked about visually and it doesn’t matter what following volume they have.

Higher Volume

Lastly, you'll use 3 to 5 more of the higher volume following tags that are in line with your business. For example, if your a graphic designer you could use these higher volume of use hashtags: #marketing #smallbusiness #SEO #simplicity #minimalism #websitelaunch #marketingstrategy #businessgrowth #branding #strategy

So, create your post and maybe use a tag or two as you talk. Use emojis and line up text with headers and such. At the end...





#then use the rest of the tags. That way not all of your tags are present in the newsfeed right away. This is just a clean way of posting.

If you have any questions, schedule a call-we love talking all things marketing!

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