Getting Found Online–A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Feb 9

Solid Pyramid between Google and Phone

Take a look at the first image here. On the right is Google (one of many search engines). On the left you will see that 365MBS has a nicely designed, custom created website, that's live and active, mobile friendly and responsive. In the middle is an SEO Pyramid, blocking the two from communicating.

Google Page

A customer conducts a Google search for a product that 365MBS offers.

However, 365MBS doesn’t show up at all on Google.

Because the SEO Pyramid is standing in the middle, completely intact, Google can't find it even though 365MBS has a live website.

Let’s fix it!

Below is our step-by-step guide in getting your website seen top of search engines

Step #1

Local Listings

The first step in chipping away at the SEO Pyramid is to obtain and set up your Google My Business Listing, Bing My Places Listing, and Yelp/DuckDuckGo Business Listings. The 3 major local directory listings.

Pyramid between google and phone

These listings are great for being seen on local searches.

When you tell these listings your physical location (and there is no way around it, you can't use a PO Box) you'd have to be OK with these places knowing your physical location. Once you have them obtained, you can tell them to "hide" your location. However, when you hide a listing, it does hurt your overall search.

You also can only list one business at one location.

Google search results

After the 3 listings are set up, it's often a good idea to update Google My Business with posts, which you will be able to do from your mobile phone, or we are more than happy to help with this!

On a side note: Do you see the Ad listed above the website for in the screenshot of the Google search image? You will never be listed above an ad and in some cases, your competition have several ads and large budgets!

The only way to combat this is to run ads for your business and to hope you are paying more than the competition. We can help manage this, just give us a call: (517-320-2543) for a custom quote or visit here.

Google search results