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Getting Started with a Website and Online Marketing

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

In this first post of many, I'll try to explain what it is HMG does...There are two diagrams attached but each are explained in the links below them.

diagram of what HMG offers

> Internet Marketing–Being Seen Online

Seo and its three pillars; Technical, content, and citations

> SEO Diagram The most valuable thing to take away from this information you are about to embark on is the understanding that just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean ranking high in search engine pages automatically comes with it. In fact, you can have an amazing site with rich content on it, but if the content isn’t optimized and every-changing, maintained and updated, search engine ranking can’t even begin to happen.

If at any point you determine that you'd prefer to have a 'website only' because you prefer to market your website yourself or in a different way, that is no problem! We offer our clients website only packages to those who know their site can work for them without marketing and SEO.

For example: Some local restaurants do not necessarily need a lot of marketing as they can simply obtain GMB, Bing and Yelp and then have a site connected that local users can find simply by searching for a restaurant near their location. That said, this is rare because most businesses have direct competition, are looking to gain organic leads outside of a 20 mile radius and are looking to grow their customer base.

At the end of the day, if you want your website to do more than act as a brochure site where only those who can find it are those you give direct directions to, marketing is imperative.

If you have any questions, schedule a call-I love talking all things marketing!

Amanda Honeywell of HMG

I make creatively bold brands, experiences and solutions.

A. Honey

Chief Everything Officer



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