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Updated: Mar 2

Eric: All right. So today we will be speaking with Amanda Honeywell from Hillsdale Web Design about designing a website. Hi, Amanda. Thanks for joining.

Amanda: Hello.

Eric: Hello. So I know there's a lot to consider when building a website for one of your clients. And I want to talk about a beginning understanding as to building websites. One of the first questions I always get asked from a client is how long will it take to build a website?

Amanda: There's so many variables that come into play when you build a website. It's really about how much information the client has ready to share. And if that information is up to date, if it needs updating content wise or branding wise. So if they have a logo that's they know that they want to use. They have their fonts picked out. They know what colors they want, and then they have all of their services and products. They have everything kind of planned out and they know what they want, those go quicker. And if they're looking, it depends on what kind of website they're looking for. If it's a store, an e-commerce or if it's something that they want their members or users to be able to use. It just depends on what they're ordering. But ideally a site takes about two weeks, anywhere up to three months, three or four months, just depending on.

Eric: So if I had, let's say I wanted to build a website. And let's say I had my logo, I had my content ready and I want maybe 10 pages built out. Between my contact us, about us, and our services and whatnot. Is that on the shorter end of the spectrum?

Amanda: Yeah. If you're not looking for anything that needs to be coded to, to get from one end to another. If you don't need your members to be accessing certain private things and you don't have a lot of directories and you've got like a 10 page website, it’s two weeks. And if you're really lucky, if the designer has some free time on the weekend, even shorter.

Eric: Okay. If I want to launch an e-commerce site, is Wix a good option?

Amanda: It has all the functions and the functionality and the purchasing options that any other website has and it embeds backend SEO. So that you're, if you have a good designer, they'll set up further SEO. So your e-commerce site will, it will work really well. And then they have a Wix mobile app that you can integrate and you can use to communicate with your customers. It's a very nice site for products.

Eric: And once a website is built out how often do you think a company should redo or redesign the website?

Amanda: It really depends on their marketing plan. If they have lots of moving parts and they want in there and they care about their search engine optimization. So they care about being seen locally and organically. The website needs to be updated quite often. If it's more of a brochure site, an informational site that doesn't have a lot of moving parts. We like to check it twice a year, at least twice a year.

Eric: Okay. And you can kind of tell when you redesign something, a website sometimes from the analytics, you can tell if the traffic goes up, goes down, stays the same.

Amanda: Oh yeah, absolutely. Yep. And then you also have to keep in mind about Google's best practices and search engine best practices. People are always changing the way you do things. So if your site is a couple of years old add you hasn't had any updates, you're gonna, need to do it regardless eventually.

Eric: People talk about maintaining a website. What's involved in that.

Amanda: Well, there's the word maintain is such a hard word, you've got maintenance and then you've got management. And then some people when you maintain a website, what does that mean? It means both really. So the maintenance is you want it checked a couple of times. At least a couple times a year, if not every month for link errors and different things like that. But the maintenance of it can also mean management and that can mean updating it and making sure that the apps and plugins and your content is up to date. Does that answer that question?

Eric: Yeah it does. So if anybody has any questions go the website https://www.hmgroupmi.com and all their contact information is there. Thank you so much for joining us.

Amanda: Thank you.

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