Holiday Gifts Your Staff Will REALLY Like!

Updated: Mar 2

The holiday season is here and along with end-of-the-year documents to file, you also need to come up with a way to show your staff how much you have appreciated them this past year! But with staff kitchen full of coffee mugs and water bottles, what do you get for the people who help your business run smoothly? First of all, as the boss, you are the one who knows your staff best. Do they like to joke and have fun? Do they like to give back as much as possible? Do they not know each other very well because they are always on the road? Tailoring a gift that best suits your business’ atmosphere will be the first step in finding something they will all appreciate. Secondly, it does not have to be a physical gift. Catering in a nice lunch or dinner or taking them out to a restaurant can be a great way for employees (and their spouses, if you choose) to get to know each other better. Depending on the type of staff you have, alcohol can or can not be involved.

Have a group outing. Go karaoking, visit an escape room, play laser tag, go caroling or have a painting party. Getting all the staff together, creating some memories and having a few laughs is a big part of what the holiday season is all about. Just make sure you can show your face at the office the next morning! Consider donating to a local charity as a business in lieu of a gift to the staff. There are many non-profit businesses in every town that are looking for help around the holiday season. You can also volunteer as a staff to help the less fortunate in your community. If there are specific causes that are important to certain members of your staff you can individualize donations for each employee. Lastly, think local. If you want to give a gift, consider shopping at a business in your community. Gift cards to the local coffee shops and restaurants say thank you to both your employees and your community. Local boutiques often have unique items for desks or holiday decor. If price is an issue as about trading services. Most importantly, show your employees you appreciate them! The size or type of gift is not as important as the meaning behind it. Tell your employees how much their hard work and dedication has meant to you over the past year and it will mean more to them than any gift.

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