How to Find Free, High Quality Images Online

Updated: Feb 9

Updated Nov 13, 2020

Are you in need of images for your blog post or website but aren’t really sure how to find images for them? Here are ways to find images online that are FREE to use and in good quality!

Go to any search engine you want. We will use Google for example here (they are generally all the same in functionality).


Type in a descriptor for the image you want, such as "knee brace".

google suggested searches for; knee brace

When the information generates, select "Images" from the tabs at the top.

google images for; knee brace

google images tools tab

If you are concerned about using an image that is copyrighted, click the “Tools” tab and a secondary bar will appear.

Then, change the setting of use to “Labeled for Reuse”.

images labeled for reuse

Be sure to change the settings for the "Size" as well to at least medium, preferably large. Do not use a small image but if you are using the image online, be sure to save for web use using Photoshop or another photo editor so that the quality is high but the size is small for web use.

selecting large sized image

Now you will have images to choose from!

some google images results for; knee brace

Select the image you want, and a secondary image view will appear.

save as image