How to Go Viral on Social Media

Tips and tricks to go viral on social media
How to Go Viral on Social Media

Knowing which platform to use, how to go viral, and learning algorithms will help your business succeed on social media.

With the changes made in algorithms on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram these past few years, businesses need to change how they post and interact on social media.

Facebook wants every user to interact with their friends and followers. They want them to reply, ask questions and have fun. They want businesses to be real users who treat their followers as friends and hang with them.

While shares of a post still receive the highest rates of exposure for businesses in many ways, let’s talk about how your followers see your posts in the first place.

You would think that if someone follows or likes your business page and you post something, they automatically will see your post, right? No. Because we all follow and like so many other profiles (friends, groups, and business pages), and there is only so much time in a day, we aren’t see everyone’s posts.

Your post needs 14 comments to help others who follow your page see it. To get 14 comments, respond quickly to the first few that come in. Try replying with a question to engage the original poster to continue conversing with you.

Your friends and your followers (those who ‘Like’ your page) won’t see your posts in their newsfeed unless:

  1. That particular follower often interacts with your business page naturally.

  2. You have ads running specifically for conversion.

  3. Your post has many comments because you reply quickly to comments.

  4. Your posts get lots of shares (Share your business page’s post to your personal page, too. Page first, then profile!)

  5. You share your business page’s post to a group page of relevance.

And, of course, your post makes followers feel something (happiness, sadness, anger, etc.).

Infographic showing 5 Successful Tips to improve social media marketing for small businesses
5 Successful Tips for Social Media Markting

As you might imagine, this has caused a significant change in how businesses are performing on social media.

You might not be able to be on your platforms every day, hours at a time. So if you’re posting a lot of beautifully designed graphics, custom curated copy, keywords, and hashtags daily, it’s a waste of time. Therefore, start small. Post once a week! Yeah, I said it. You’ll hear a lot of chatter about how you need to post multiple times a day to Instagram, or three times a week to Facebook, etc. but screw that. It’s about quality, not quantity. Spend time once a month to create a document. Write an article like this blog post, then pull elements from it to create four particular, custom posts, schedule them on ONE platform once a week, and go from there.

Pro Tip: When researching your article and finding backing information, save the phrase you typed into your browser and use those keywords in your blog. Think about it like this. If you used that phrase to find what you were looking for, others will too! Need someone to help you with social media marketing but aren’t sure you should outsource?

Running Social Media Ads

Listen to Facebook and Instagram and do what they wish! You might run ads on those four posts. If you run ads, take your budget, and monitor your success.

RIO to show how much money small businesses should spend on PPC Ads
RIO to show how much money small businesses should spend on PPC Ads

How do you choose the right platform for your business?

According to Adobe, there are 7 Top Social Media Sites You Should Care About in 2022. But we want you to choose one (or two if you wish) of these top three!

Infographic showing small businesses the 3 main social media sites they should be on and why
3 Social Media Sites Your Business Should Be On and Why!

Instagram has 1 billion monthly users.

  • M/F, under 40 looking for beautiful & striking photos/images/videos.

  • Cohesive designs and selfie-style films that speak directly to your audience.

According to Adobe:

Influencers, companies, bloggers, small business owners, friends, and everyone, male and female under 40, are on Instagram.
Beautiful photography, striking images, innovative designs, selfie-style films that speak directly to your audience, and a consistent theme to your content are the most significant types of content.
If your target audience is under 40 and you run a lifestyle, eCommerce, or photography business, you should prioritize your platform.

YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly users.

  • M/F, 15-43 looking for education or amusement.

  • Tutorials, walkthroughs, instructional, product video evaluations, or interview videos.

According to Adobe:

Who's on board: 73% of adults in the United States are looking for education or entertainment.
Their ages range from 15 to 43 years old, both men and women, and usage tends to rise with income and education.
Video tutorials, walkthroughs, visually-driven instructional content, product evaluations, or interviews are the most effective types of content. Depending on your industry and target demographic, both long-form and short-form video content might work effectively on this platform.
You should prioritize this platform if your target audience is under 50 and consumes video material for education or amusement.

Facebook has 2.5 billion monthly users.

  • M/F, 30+ looking for posts that capture their attention.

  • Facebook groups, intriguing, engaging, and divisive content. Live streaming and polls.

According to Adobe:

Who's on board: 68% of adults in the United States are physically active at least once per day, with 51 percent doing so numerous times per day.
Their age/gender: men and women aged 30 and up.
Industry news, entertaining (short-form) videos, graphics, and other visually appealing content work well on Facebook. Using Facebook groups should be intriguing, engaging, and divisive. Make extensive use of short movies, eye-catching imagery, and headlines. Interactive content and conversion begin. Think about live streaming and polls.
If you want to target an adult audience and have interesting visual (or video) material that captivates their attention, elicits an immediate emotional response, and makes them thrilled to share with their friends, you should prioritize this platform. Or if you want a simple approach to building an online community around a specific topic or business.

In Closing

Posts from in-house, posted when ‘cool things happen,’ from those who live and breathe your business is the #1 way to engage social media followers, so his change from Facebook and Instagram is no surprise to anyone. They want you to spend money on ads, and they want you to enjoy their platforms, even from a business perspective. Don’t oversell, don't push your products, but be knowledgeable and be personable.

And remember, quality over quantity! If you have any questions, schedule a call-I love talking about all things marketing!

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