How to Introduce New Products Online

Updated: Feb 8

Just about every business looks a bit different these days. Having an updated, streamlined online business is essential in today’s social distancing world. However, businesses still need to move forward. New products are being introduced and these products need to be available for customers. But how can businesses sell new products when there aren’t customers coming through their doors?

Virtual product launches are the perfect way to highlight new products in fun and creative ways.

But it is not as simple as throwing a new product up on your businesses’ website and hoping for the best. To get the most out of launching a new product there are several steps to take before the product ever lands on your webpage.

First set a launch date.

When do you want this new product to hit your website? When the date has been set you can begin to work backwards on the steps you need to take to make sure the launch is successful.

Businesses need to know their target audiences.

Owners should use email, social media and mailing lists to compile the names of businesses or customers who best fit the new product. For example, if a hair salon is launching a new line of product for women, they should look to collect just the names of their female clients. If a cleaning company has acquired a product line specifically for large spaces, they should contact all their industrial or commercial businesses. Knowing which customers are the best fit for your product and targeting them directly will set you on the path to success.

Build a product message.

Let your customers know what this new product is and how it will help or improve their lives or businesses. Businesses are unable to communicate in person about their products like they have in the past, so now is the time to get creative. Create a video of the product being used and share it with the customers so they can see it in action. Make sure you have ample high-quality images. Give a small sample of the product to loyal customers or influencers in the community and have them make a video of themselves using the product. If you can’t tell them how wonderful your new product is in person, show them.

Just like any other new product bought online or in person, one of the best ways to get someone to try something new is to give them an incentive. Yes, you have shown them how great this product is and how much they need it, now given them an offer they can’t refuse. When your new product finally does reach your webpage give customers a discount. Or offer a pre-order bonus, creating a buzz even before the product hits the “shelves.”

Once the product is out there, businesses need to be prepared to respond to questions and comments on day one. So, make sure you and your staff are fully versed in all the ins and outs of the product before it launches.

Offering new products or services online during this time does not have to be daunting or difficult. Make it fun, make it interesting and showcase your businesses assets. When foot traffic resumes, don’t drop this method as a way to introduce new products. Virtual product launches are a great way to reach an entirely new set of customers outside of your usual target market.

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