How to Manage Vacations with a Small Staff

Updated: Mar 2

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Manage vacations with a small staff.

Can you really take a vacation from your small business?

Some people are not able to fully relax until they know things are going well back at home. When you own a small business, can you really ever take a vacation? There always seems to be too much to do and not enough time to do it. Plus, with a small staff can you even afford to be away? The answer is yes! Small business owners can and should take vacations. Here are a few tips to help make your time away more enjoyable and less work when you return. Delegate your responsibilities. Decide who is best able to make decisions about specific parts of the business and delegate your responsibilities to those employees. Placing all responsibilities on one person may be too great–but several small tasks to a few different staff members can be manageable. Prioritize. Know what truly needs to be done while you are away, and what can wait. Also let your employees know what constitutes an emergency (that would require getting in touch with you) and what can wait until you get back. Be upfront. Let clients know you will be on vacation. This can help to keep down the number of phone calls and emails needing your attention while you are away. Be realistic. Understand that the business may not run the same way it would if you were there. That is ok. Trust your employees to make the right decisions and handle situations in a professional manner.

Check in–if you want. Decide in advance if want to check in with your business while you are on vacation. Some people are not able to fully relax until they know things are going well back at home. If that is the case, select a time of day for a quick check-in. Keep the call brief and to the point and then get back to vacationing! If you are comfortable with a full break from your business–truly take a break! If you have a designated work phone, leave it at home. Do not look at work emails and let calls go straight to voicemail. Set up an away message for emails and calls to help cut down on both. Consider a complete shutdown. If your business is so small that you simply cannot get away, it may be best to completely shut down the business while you are on vacation. Owning a small business requires long hours, dedication and usually quite a bit of stress. It is important for all small business owners to be able to step away for a few days or a week to regroup and recharge. According to Tsheets by Quickbooks, 14 percent of small business owners say they only take a vacation every few years.

To be the best at what you do, you need to take a break. Avoid burnout and take a vacation! Your business will thank you! (Your family and friends will too!) References:


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