How to Reinforce Your Business's Brand

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Your business’ brand is important. It is one of the most valuable assets to your business. If it is not used properly or frequently it can confuse customers. So make sure you are reinforcing your business’ brand in the correct way.

What is it?

To ensure you are using your business’ brand correctly it is first important to know what a business brand is. A brand is a marketing concept that helps customers know what your business is and what it does. It helps to shape the identity of your company. Your brand is your public image. How your customers recognize your business.

Usually a brand contains a logo that tells customers about your business with graphics and colors as well as a slogan that conveys your business’ message. Your brand should accurately get across the message your business is trying to get across through the use of graphics, colors and a few short words. It should be memorable and appealing to your customer base.

How to Use it

Having a brand is only good if you use it (and you can do this wrong). Don’t create a perfect new logo and then continue to use your old one on your business cards. Once you have a brand it should be on everything.

A good brand manager will make sure that the logo and slogan are used often and consistently. A business should have one place where files of the business brand are kept so they can be used properly. You don’t want to create a Google ad or email blast with two different logos, or two different fonts or colors. This will be confusing to customers and be damaging to your brand.

Images and graphics for your business should be consistent in font, color and message. The exact colors used should be accessible so if any modifications need to be made, there is no guesswork. If your business consistently uses sage green in your brand, you don’t want to use lime green in a marketing piece instead.

Consistency is Key

Utilize your business’ brand as often as possible. It should be incorporated in every aspect of your business. Make sure the message of your business is clear to your customers. Use your brand in every marketing piece, product and other materials used by your business. This will reinforce who you are as a business and what you stand for. The more customers see this consistency, the more they will come to trust your business. This builds brand loyalty.

Put a Stamp on it

Don’t rely solely on electronic communication to reach your customers. It may seem antiquated, but sending promotional items or simple cards through the mail is a great way to reinforce your brand. Customers enjoy getting personalized mail. Holiday greeting cards are a perfect way to accomplish this. Create a unique card and have members of the staff individually sign each card to show your customers your appreciation. If you provide a service, you could also recognize anniversary dates of when your customers signed on as your client.

Utilize Social Media

Yes, snail mail is good to put something physical in your customer’s hands, but it is also important to stay connected with them through social media. It is also a good way to get your business’ brand out there regularly. Use all forms of social media platforms to directly communicate with your customers. Engage with your customers and watch what types of posts they like and where you get the most traffic when to optimize your visibility.

Email is Your Friend

Email too? Yes, email, too! It may be easy to go the pessimistic route and think that any mail your business sends will go directly in the recycling or any email you send immediately is deleted, this simply isn't true! Email marketing really does work and is the perfect platform for reinforcing your business’ brand.

Send out quarterly newsletters showcasing what you have done the last few months or promoting a new product or service. Research shows that 60 percent of customers will make a purchase as a result of an email they received from a business. This is a huge difference from the just 12.5 percent who click the buy now button on social media.

Create Your Brand Value

When you started your business you had an idea in mind of what you wanted to do or make, and why you wanted to do or make that product or service. What your business stands for is your brand value.

It is important to incorporate that message into your business’ brand. Not only is it an important reminder to you of why you do what you do, it is also very important to your consumers. Research shows that 71 percent of consumers prefer to buy from businesses that align with their values. Often they are willing to pay more and wait longer for the products and services from companies that align with their values. So create a brand value and incorporate it into your business’ brand. It will create a solid and loyal customer base.

Sarah Gray of HMG

Sarah Gray