How to Secure Your Facebook Account!

Updated: Jan 24

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Recently Hillsdale Marketing Group conducted a poll to see how people have been affected by deleted posts, images and links on Facebook. Their survey found that 95 percent noticed and increase in this type of activity on their personal or business page.

At Hillsdale Web Design, we want to help keep you and your page as secure as possible! Since Facebook is free to use and a public company, they are able to see and monitor what you do on their site.

There are precautions you can do to make sure others are not able to access your private information.

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✔️Choose a Strong Password

Everything requires a password or a pin code these days, but there is a reason – to keep your account secure. Have a password that includes numbers and symbols, is unique to each site and change passwords regularly.

✔️Set up Two-factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication adds an extra measure of security to your account. To do so in Facebook go to>settings>security>login and turn it on.

✔️Check the Setting on Your Page

Make sure you are comfortable with the amount of information others can see about you or your business including private phone numbers, birthdays, and background information such as your hometown or where you went to school. Also see who can access this information. The settings on Facebook allow users to select if the information can go to everyone, friends of friends or just friends. If you aren’t sure if you some information should be on Facebook, chances are it should not.

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✔️Delete Old Posts, Pictures and Videos

And instead, put them on a drive. This may seem strange to do, but hackers will look through old posts, pictures and videos to gather information. Go to your activity log under settings and spend some time looking at what is there. You can filter the likes and reactions by year and then decide to delete them or turn them private. Remove old images and videos and keep them on a drive (not in the Cloud). Better yet, keep them on two drives because they do go bad. Once on a drive, delete them from Facebook.

To download a copy of your Facebook data follow this link to Facebook's recommendations here.

✔️Be Careful About Quizzes and Apps

It may be tempting to figure what type of pasta you are or which celebrity would be your best friend, but these quizzes are a way to gather information about you which can easily end up in the hands of hackers. Facebook apps such as Farmville and Mafia Wars are also easy ways for hackers to gather information about you.

✔️Do Not "Check In" at Home or at a Friend's Home

Encourage others to do the same. This is an unintentional way to compromise you or someone else’s privacy.

✔️Do Not Link to Twitter

Although you can set your settings to private, Twitter feeds are usually public.


The world is getting increasingly smaller through advancements in technology and while that can be a wonderful thing for business, it can also be harmful and costly if the information falls in the wrong hands. Take the time to make sure you and your business are safe and secure. If you are unsure how to increase the security on your Facebook site or website contact us!

If you have any questions please let me know!

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