Increase Holiday Sales in 2022 for Your Restaurant Business

Phew, October is OVER! Looking at November (the Holidays are exciting times!), there can be plenty to promote on your website and social media from behind the scenes, including how your company is already preparing for next year, the latest updates, and new products.

"The Holidays are coming! Yeah, yeah, the Holidays are coming...Oh, the Holidays, they're a coming!" - Just a little jingle I sing to my kids when I start to get excited about the holidays ;)

What are you and your staff working on these next few months? Success, announcements, things to look forward to for the Holidays? You can inform website users and social media followers by highlighting what your business has going on and engaging with the community you have built online!

This month I'm focusing on restaurants! EVERYONE looooovess to eat (A little too much myself!), and the restaurant industry often experiences a spike in food connoisseurs during the holidays. Of course, there are a lot of factors that come into play.

Local Michiganders will be sniffing out the best restaurant where they can meet up with their family and friends from now until the end of the year! Is your restaurant business ready? When someone 'Googles' for "pizza places offering dining options near me," will your restaurant's website show up? Or will Yelp beat the SERPs "Search Engine Results Page" and show the searcher a different pizza place that has 100s of more reviews than your restaurant has? Furthermore, is your restaurant business listed on Yelp?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner in the restaurant industry looking to profit from the busy holiday rush. Making sure your restaurant website is seen everywhere your customers look is one of the most essential promotional variables any business owner should ensure.

Every aspect of a successful restaurant's marketing strategy is meticulously planned, from the menu to how they operate. And gear towards pleasing customers, especially during the busy months of the year. Restaurants, significantly those close to large retail areas, may see an increase in business during Christmas shopping. You can also expect a larger crowd at the local eateries on days when an event occurs at any time of the year. Search the web or check the calendars of local websites or Facebook pages focused on community growth.

Plan it out! From the wait staff to the head honcho themselves, and from the website to the social media channels, everyone and everything is ready and knowledgeable about how they will communicate and interact with hungry customers.

Marketing plans are essential to running a business. And it is your job as a marketer (remember, you wear a lot of hats!) to communicate to your customers that their needs will be met by dining in your restaurant, all while being available in the right place for the right price.

Marketers in the restaurant industry require in-depth, up-to-date knowledge about what the customer wants before creating a good marketing plan. A sample of this type of data could include demographics like age, income, ethnicity, gender, and education level, as well as specifics like product feature preferences, opinions on related items, and consumption patterns. Once you have obtained this information, you can determine what types of food you will serve as holiday specials. You will also need to know how to handle distribution (costs, ordering, execution) and what price you will set. Will your margins satisfy the needs of your staff, your business, and your customers?

When it comes to your website, how will your restaurant web designer effectively capture users' attention once they have landed on it? (Check out the restaurant websites I've created - click that link!)

How will you promote your holiday restaurant menu on your website and communicate the benefits your customers will receive when they visit? Perhaps your strategy will be to inform them that bringing children to your Pizzeria this season will satisfy their needs better than going to the competition. Your restaurant offers a space for children to play.

So, while the grown-ups talk about how Aunt Bethany gift-wrapped a cat last year, the kiddos won't hear you talking about what happened to that cat after she left...

In the fast-paced world of food service, restaurants must stay on top of trends.

One of them, DoorDash, is now finding its way into smaller towns. And consumers love it, despite paying 20-30% higher than they would by physically calling their order in and picking it up. DoorDash offers services to smaller restaurants, not just the fast-food industry. But in smaller towns, you might notice that non-chain restaurants are not offering the app at all to their customers. And while consumers might find this annoying and order food less often from their local mom and pops, many small restaurant owners are still not incorporating this form of distribution.

Everyone knows how easy it is to own and operate a restaurant, right? Right?!

Restaurant owners have always had to deal with price gauges. But DoorDash does not help solve this issue for the owner and its stakeholders. Dishing out more money to pay fees to sustain long-term growth is only something mega-chains like Mcdonald's and Wendy's can participate in. So, as a small restaurant owner looking to increase your holiday sales, it is up to you to educate consumers on how they can help support their local economy. How much do your customers value the phrase "Support small business?" Have they got it in them to call you or to repeatedly enter their email address and payment information on your website? Are your customers prepared to put in a little extra effort and overcome the obstacles of this not so 'user-friendly' form of ordering food? Maybe! You may have to work towards awareness by conducting surveys on the matter.