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Summer is here! We finally made it! Now is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, warm nights, campfires, baseball games, fireflies and the comfortable familiar creaking of a screen door! It’s been a long cold winter - we’ve earned this!

an older woman suffering from Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Wear purple this month in support of those with Alzheimer’s and other brain and dementia-related diseases. President Regan initiated the month in 1983, but people have been living with dementia and other memory-related diseases for thousands of years. An estimated 47 million people around the world are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

National Safety Month

S-s-s-s-A-a-a-a-F-f-f-f-E-e-e-eT-t-t-t-Y-y-y-y Safety …. Dance! Yes, this is an awesome song and dance from the 80s, but it is also an important reminder to be vigilant and keep the safety of our loved ones and employees at the forefront of our minds. It wasn’t so long ago that working conditions in the United States were hazardous. Hundreds of people died each year from poor working conditions. Many Americans fought to make the workplace a safe place for everyone. In 1970, President Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) which continues to be modified and used today to protect the safety and well-being of workers.

an laptop that is almost closed at a desk and an empty chair

June 2 - National Leave the Office Early Day

Not that many of us need a reason to cut out early on a beautiful sunny day, but if you ever needed one - today is your day! And just like federal holidays, if this day falls on a weekend, celebrate the Friday before or the Monday after. You work hard! You deserve to leave early! Just make sure someone stays behind to lock up!

June 5 - National Cancer Survivors Day

Celebrated on the first Sunday in June every year, National Cancer Survivors Day celebrates life! A cancer diagnosis is devastating and life-changing. The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation wants to educate those going through cancer treatments and their families that life after a diagnosis can be full and meaningful.

June 8 - Best Friends Day

You may not see them every day, but a best friend is always there for you no matter what! The United States Congress decided to declare June 8 National Best Friends Day back in 1935. They chose the date because the day is usually a lovely weather day anywhere in the country, perfect for enjoying the day outside with your best friend.

donating blood

June 14 - World Blood Donor Day

This day is aimed at the importance and need for regular blood donors. Giving blood is safe, easy and takes just an hour or less of your time. According to the American Red Cross, one pint of blood donated can help up to three people. Every two seconds someone in the United States is in need of blood, and while 38 percent of Americans are eligible to give blood, only two percent actually donate.

June 14 - Flag Day

Americans proudly display their patriotism by flying the American flag. Flag day was first created in 1777 and while the number of red and white stripes have remained the same since that time (13), the number of stars has gradually increased until we reached 50 in 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii officially became states. Will the number ever increase again? Today is a day to be proud of the red, white and blue!

a young girl coving up her dads eyes to surprise him with a gift on fathers day

June 19 - Father’s Day

Break out the Dad jokes, it’s Father’s Day! While Father’s Day may seem like a “Hallmark holiday,” the origins of Father’s Day date back hundreds of years to Catholics in Europe. They chose a day to celebrate fathers and all paternal relationships to show the importance of male role models in our lives. Our dads do so much, celebrate them in all the wonderful ways they take care of us. And, just for today, laugh at his jokes!

June 21 - National Selfie Day

Turn that camera around and smile! While many of us do not need a reason to take a selfie, if you haven't taken one in a while, today is your day! The selfie has come into its own since the camera phone was invented and by 2005 it was a worldwide phenomenon! Here are some tips for taking a great selfie: look at the camera, make sure there is space between your head and neck, hold the camera on your best side (instead of straight on), relax and smile!

June 27 - National Bingo Day

Try to get five in a row so you can yell those happy words - BINGO! Young or old, everyone in America loves a game of bingo! Halls fill with people proudly displaying their lucky bobbers and trinkets. Young kids use this game to help them learn numbers, letters and sounds, while the older folks wait patiently for their five numbers in the row to be called so they can yell out that five-letter word. Grab a card and some chips and try your luck today at this fun and festive game!

a man sitting on his bed with headphones and his laptop working from home

June 30 - National Work from Home Day

This may not be a day some of us can celebrate because we are still working from home. The pandemic sent the workforce home to do their jobs remotely and while some are gradually getting back to the office, some are still able to work on our pjs any day of the week. If you are back in the office, take this day to work from home. Remember though, if you're in a zoom call, aim that camera at your nicely dressed upper half, and not at your pjs and bunny slippers!

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