5 Loyalty Programs to Grow Your Business!

Updated: Mar 2

It is important to get customers in the door of your business, but how do you get them to keep coming back? Of course, your superior products and amazing service, but sometimes customers need more than that – but what? Loyalty programs come in many shapes and sizes and are not just reserved for the food or retail industry. Here are 5 ideas to help your business grow with a loyalty program. Punch cards This is very popular in the restaurant industry and for good reason–it works! Offering punches for purchases (or for an amount purchased), gives customers immediate incentive to come back again and again. Full punch cards can equal free merchandise or a percentage or amount off of merchandise. Whatever best fits your business. No Obligation Trials Have an item that is challenging to sell? Offer members of your loyalty program a no-obligation trial on an expensive product or subscription service. It can be a "great way to break through those sales objections" says The Balance Small Business. Special Rewards for Referrals This type of loyalty programs not only helps your members but brings in new customers as well! Offering an incentive (free gift, discount) to loyalty members for referring customers to your business makes them feel special and get rewarded. A bonus to this type of program is once the new customer comes in, they can immediately earn rewards with their own referrals. Enter to Win Thank members of your loyalty program with an opportunity to win something big! Enter members into a drawing. This can also help to attract new customers because business.com says this type of program is a great way to create buzz. You can also include customers who have recently made a purchase in your store.

Birthday/Anniversary Perks Businesses with customer databases can provide extra perks for members. Send out small gifts, cards or coupons to members on their birthday or businesses anniversary. "The Balance Small Business" says this can also be a great way to build an email marketing list for your business.

Businesses have a special relationship with their customers, so why not reward the ones who keep coming back! You may end up getting new ones along the way.

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