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March is a month to honor women's accomplishments and those who live out their compassion! It's also a time to be a bit crazy, have some fun, relax, recognize some pretty cool people and so much more.

Women being silly holding her hands to her face with her eyes popping and pursed lips.
“You need a little bit of the crazy to keep things fun” - Caprice Crane

Let’s take a look at our March lineup!

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It is more important than ever to recognize the significant influence music education has on school-aged children. The first ‘National Music in Our Schools Month’ was held in New York City in March 1973. Learn more about MIOSM by visiting and celebrate the significance of music education.


Since 1987, March has been designated as National Women's History Month in the United States. Every woman has a story to tell and abilities to give about how they overcame hardship.

Red Cross Blood donation graphic with hearts


The American Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations. Statistically, an American Red Cross emergency response occurs every 8 minutes. Every day, the Red Cross handles roughly 180 calls.

You are somebody's type! Consider volunteering or donating to the Red Cross. Now more than ever!


The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, often known as March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament held each spring in the United States (NCAA).

The winner becomes the national champion. In 1939, the National Association of Basketball Coaches proposed the tournament, which Ohio State coach Harold Olsen spearheaded. Every year, it is one of the most major athletic events in the USA and is typically going on in March.

March 1, 2022 - #FatTuesday #MardiGras

This world-famous event is about to be in full swing!

Mardi Gras' origins may be traced back to pagan celebrations of spring and fertility, such as Saturnalia in Rome and Lupercalia in Greece. It lasts from Twelfth Night until Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent).

Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday" in English, refers to the tradition of eating rich foods before Lent. It's also an occasion to wear beads and clown masks!

Enjoy this week-long event to the fullest! People throughout the world commemorate this occasion in various ways. So join the global Mardi Gras celebration on March 1!

Dr. Suess’s Birthday Graphic

March 2, 2022 - #NationalReadAcrossAmericaDay

On March 2, we'll celebrate National Read Across America Day. It was established in 1998 by the National Education Association (NEA) to promote reading among youngsters.

Because the festival comes on Dr. Suess’s birthday, don a Seussian hat and recite one of his best-known stories, such One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

On National Read Across America Day, students, teachers, parents and community members gather to read books and celebrate the love of reading.

March 3, 2022 - #WorldWildlifeDay

Given the damage people have done to the ecology, it is only fair to dedicate a day to wildlife. On this day, companies might discuss their environmental effect and promise to adopt a greener approach.

Group of people celebrating National Day of Unplugging

March 4, 2022 - #NationalDayofUnplugging

On March 4 from sundown until dusk on March 5, what will you Unplug for? Use the day to unwind, rest, reflect and reconnect with people in person! Join the movement! Visit

March 6, 2022 - #NationalDentistDay

National Dentist's Day is celebrated on March 6 to honor the dentists who keep our teeth healthy. Dentists are doctors who specialize in dental treatment. Their job is to prevent, diagnose and treat oral issues. They conduct oral surgery and monitor our dental and jaw growth. On this day, we thank our dentists for helping us preserve good oral and overall health.

March 8, 2022 - #InternationalWomensDay

International Women's Day (March 8) is one of the most widely celebrated events in March.

It's time to celebrate equality, diversity and women's rights as part of a global celebration of women's achievements.

March 10, 2022 - #NationalLandlineTelephoneDay

Remember leaving your phone at home because it was attached to your address? Remember when your boo called, but your obnoxious older brother answered? Or that remembering a classmate's phone number showed you had genuinely become great friends?

Alexander Graham Bell's great innovation, the landline telephone, is celebrated on March 10th as a rallying cry for its resuscitation (ah, the good old days).

March 12, 2022 - #NationalGoodSamaritanDay

The 13th of March is National Good Samaritan Day, also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day. It's a day to celebrate and encourage giving and selflessness.

On this day, we commemorate Catherine (Kitty) Genovese, who was murdered in New York not far from her home. Kitty may have lived if others intervened during the attack.

This day teaches us to always be our brother's keeper.

March 14, 2022 - #NationalNappingDay

National Napping Day was created to help you recuperate from the "spring forward" jet lag we all get. Please don't fall asleep while I'm saying this, because sleep is better for you than coffee or energy drinks! So you may now enjoy this not-so-guilty pleasure with less guilt. Even if you lose an hour of your day, you may make it up by napping and relaxing!

cup, note pad, gold coins, and a tablet with a st patricks day design on it

March 17, 2022 - #StPatricksDay

Hello from Ireland! Unless you've been living under the Blarney Stone, March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. Saint Patrick's Day is the one day of the year when anybody can claim to be Irish, regardless of genealogy.

Parades are central to American St. Patrick's Day traditions. The first American St. Patrick's Day parade was held in 1601, at St. Augustine, Florida. In 1737, a group of Irish Protestants marched through Boston to honor their homeland's Patron Saint. The first St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City was organized by Irish soldiers serving in British colonies in 1762. Over two million people line the parade route in New York City, making it the world's largest St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Celebrated with green beer and whisky shots, the mythical Irish patron saint who introduced Christianity to Ireland became a worldwide phenomenon. Because of the American enthusiasm for what many consider a holiday, St. Patrick's Day is commemorated by more people worldwide than any other single-day national festival.


March 18, 2022 - #GlobalRecyclingDay

Every year on March 18, Global Recycling Day encourages people to reconsider their waste. Some materials can be recycled several times. Recycling saves us money, improves water and air quality and fights climate change.

It also saves money and resources by decreasing the requirement for additional raw materials. Recyclables including paper and plastic bottles, cereal and milk cans and cartons are everywhere. We may have a larger impact on the environment and our own lives by recycling items we would otherwise throw away.

March 19, 2022 - #NationalLetsLaughDay

Let's Laugh Day falls a few days after St. Patrick's Day in the US. We encourage you to submit content that will make your audience happy and excited.

March 20, 2022 - #InternationalDayofHappiness

Following National Let's Laugh Day is the International Day of Happiness. The easiest way to include these two into your social media routine is a two-day social media festival of happiness.

March 21, 2022 - #WorldPoetryDay

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” — Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous sonnet may as well be a proclamation of her passion for poetry.

On this date in 1999, UNESCO was formally founded. Poetry uses rhythms and imagery to stir the reader's emotions and imagination. Metered poetry uses long and short syllables to produce rhyme. Free verse poetry, which lacks rhyme or meter, has been around for a long time. Poems are composed of stylized paragraphs of up to 12 lines.

4,000 years ago, poetry was claimed to have been composed in Babylon. Nowadays, you may read a vast range of poems online. These can be haikus, limericks, sonnets or love songs.

Older couple riding a motorbike feeling young and happy

March 22, 2022 - #AsYoungAsYouFeelDay

Age is merely a number so on "As Young as You Feel Day”, we encourage everyone of all august to have a mindset of feeling young! No one can make you feel old and lifeless, no matter your age.

This is the one day a year when everyone can reminisce. Part of it is trusting in your youth. No matter your age.

March 26, 2022 - #LiveLongandProsperDay

Live Long and Prosper Day celebrates its inspiration, Leonard Nimoy, who was born on March 26. "Live Long and Prosper," a Vulcan benediction, was invented by Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock in "Star Trek."

March 27 - April 2, 2022 - #NationalCleaningWeek

Every year on March 4th, National Cleaning Week begins. It's a week of events designed to encourage people to clean their homes, closets, automobiles, storage lockers and offices.

Did you know? A 2010 UCLA study found that those who thought their homes were cluttered had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol!

March 28, 2022 - #NationalMomandPopBusinessOwnersDay

Our economy would collapse without small businesses. These industries create over 70% of new jobs in the US. Every year on March 29, the United States celebrates over 27 million small businesses! Rick and Margie Segel created the holiday to honor their parents' 1939 hat shop success. The $2 million, 10,000 square foot store grew out of the family company. Small Business Saturday celebrates the hard work, resilience and dedication required to manage a small business. Visit your favorite small business on March 29 to show your appreciation.

Van Gogh Delirium

March 30, 2022 - #WorldBipolarDay

Every year on March 30, World Bipolar Day is observed to increase awareness of bipolar illness. Due to his brilliance and mental condition, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disease can induce melancholy and euphoric episodes, affecting one's health, job and personal relationships. World Bipolar Day brings people together to promote awareness of bipolar disorder.

March 31, 2022 - #NationalFarmWorkersDay

National Farm Workers Day is commemorated on March 31st to recognize the hired people who execute the most physically demanding activities such as plowing fields and running tractors. They labor hard hours crouching in the sun on fields in all climates. A farm's labor force is vital to its produce. Such large-scale farming would be impossible without farmers' devotion and unrelenting hard work. As a consequence, on this day, we thank all farmworkers for their efforts to secure our access to fresh produce.

In Closing

Whatever day your organization chooses to elaborate on, there’s a reason to create graphics, videos, flyers and more every week this March. We’ve got your list of ideas and custom branded designs to get you there.

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