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May Marketing Ideas and Inspiration

May is a beautiful month filled with flowers, budding trees and birds chirping! There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate this lovely month including one very important reason - your mom! The beginning of the month starts out fun and festive, moving into celebrating the wonderful women in your life and ends by celebrating the men and women who sacrificed it all for our country.

National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

With everything blooming and trees budding, May is a prime time for an allergy flare-up. Whether you are allergic to pollen and dust or peanuts and dairy, allergies are a serious condition - not a punchline. Food allergies in particular are on the rise with 32 million people in the United States affected. Pollen and other particles in the air can also trigger asthma which affects 1 in 13 Americans.

Scrabble pieces laid out to say “happy teacher appreciation week!”

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2 - May 6)

They do so much for us, they definitely deserve a whole week - maybe more! Officially Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5, but with all they do for us it only seems fitting they have a whole week. Give them a card, some flowers or a small gift to show how much you appreciate them. And this week is not limited to teachers in the classroom. Dance teachers, vocal teachers, piano teachers, martial arts teachers, scout leaders, coaches - anyone who helps us learn something and be our best selves deserves at least a thank you in return.

May 1 - May Day

May is celebrated in many cultures throughout the world. It is often a day that welcomes Spring. May baskets are popular and can be filled with flowers and candies and left on friends and neighbors doorsteps. The May pole - where children dance around a pole with colorful ribbon - is also a popular activity today.

May 4 - Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you (May the Force be with you). May fourth became Star Wars Day due to its similarity to the iconic phrase from the Star Wars films. The first Star War film - Start Wars: A New Hope was released in 1977 its enormous success has led to eight other films in the series and several other films and series for the franchise. The first Star Wars Day was celebrated in 2011.

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

While it may not be Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is a day we celebrate Mexican culture - largely by eating! Tacos, enchiladas, margaritas are a delicious way to have a fiesta and celebrate our neighbor to the south. Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. So be sure to correct those who may have their history wrong, and then offer them some delicious chips and salsa!

a mother kissing her baby on the cheek

May 8 - Mother’s Day

The mother of all holidays this month - Mother’s Day is a date you never want to forget! Mothers are so very important to us and help shape us into the person we are today. There are all kinds of mothers too - grandmothers, step-mothers, godmothers, adoptive mothers and aunts, to name a few. Give mom the day off, pamper her with gifts and flowers and be sure to give her an extra hug on this day that celebrates her and all she does for you!

National Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10 - May 16)

Mental health is still a taboo topic in our country, but with one in five adults in the United States living with mental illness it shouldn’t be. The goal of this week is to focus on achieving good mental health. One of the best ways to do this is to take away the negative stigma of mental illness. This can be done by talking openly and honestly with others about struggles you may have, or helping others through their own struggles without judgment.

May 11 - National Eat what you want Day

Now, this is a day I think everyone can get behind! While there are many days that focus on a single food (including several on this list), today is a day you can eat whatever you want and however much of it you want. Of course moderation is always a good idea, but if you like cake - go for it! Lasagna? Have your fill! Pancakes? Stack ‘em up! Spinach salad? Who are we to judge - enjoy!

a man's hat that says “love your neighbor”

May 16 - National Do Something Nice for your Neighbor Day

A good neighbor is a treasure, so do something nice for them today! Bring in their waste bin, rake up some leaves or bake them some yummy cookies. Small gestures are always appreciated and usually reciprocated!

May 20 - National Pizza Party Day

There doesn’t need to be a reason for a pizza party - but having a day to celebrate sure seems like a good one! Grab some friends or co-workers, order a couple of pies with your favorite toppings and enjoy the cheesy, tangy, gooey goodness that is pizza!

May 21- National Armed Forces Day

This day celebrates all men and women in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday was first established by President Harry S. Truman in 1949 to honor all members of the five branches of the military in the United States - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Take some time today to thank a member of the Armed Forces for their service to our country.

money, compass, book, map, magnifying glass, camera, one dollar, postcards, getting ready for a scavenger hunt

May 24 - National Scavenger Hunt Day

Solving clues and hunting down a list of items has made scavenger hunts a hit for the puzzle-minded for years. From the extra challenging to very simple, scavenger hunts can be created for kids (and kids at heart) of all ages. Isn’t the Amazing Race just a giant global scavenger hunt?

May 28 - National Hamburger Day

A delicious patty between two buns, filled with all kinds of toppings and condiments - it's no wonder why hamburgers were the first fast food in the United States. Hamburgers can be ultra-fancy (and pricey) or cheap and easy. A little ketchup and mustard, maybe some onion and you’ve got the perfect hamburger! Can I add cheese?

Flags put on memorials of soldiers

May 30 - Memorial Day

The date of Memorial Day changes from year to year, as it falls on the last Monday in May. May 30, however, is the official day Memorial Day was first celebrated. It is a day to celebrate all the men and women who have given their lives in service for our country. In 1868 General John A Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic chose this date as a “day to pay tribute to the fallen.” The date was “designed for the purpose of strewing flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country.” Many communities throughout the country honor their fallen with parades, speeches and a 21-gun salute.

May 31 - National Smile Day

A smile can change someone’s whole day. Songs and poems have been written about their power. A beautiful smile does so much for not only your mood but the mood of everyone around you. The day was created by a dentist in Illinois to show the importance of healthy smiles. Let’s end this beautiful month with a great big smile on our faces!

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