Member Pages Vs. Subscriber Pages (Wix)

Updated: Feb 9

How to enable members from seeing certain pages until they've paid.

Wix Member's Area

I was recently asked to set up features that would enable my client's site members from seeing certain Member Pages until those members paid a monthly, reoccurring plan on their site.

My client had set up new Member Pages under the Member Pages section of the editor and wanted those pages to be hidden from anyone who created an account until they had purchased their monthly, paid subscription.

My client's website was created to showcase their services of being a lifestyle coach. On their site, they had podcasts and blogs visible to anyone but anyone could register to join as a site member or subscriber and create a login. Once they created a login, they could see all of the 'Member Pages'.

The issue:

The issue here is that regardless of how a subscriber obtained their login access, they could see those pages. They could create a login by purchasing the paid plan, or they could create a login by simply attempting to login. So, how can we stop subscribers from seeing important, paid services information prior to their purchase but also keep the option to allow everyone to join as a subscriber?

The solution:

Instead of using Member Pages to house documents that only paid subscribers will see, you simply use the normal page creator and tell the settings to hid until someone has paid.

Why this seems simple but yet was so complicated:

Wix uses the words "Member Pages" to describe this section. It would be better if they used the words "Member Contributor Pages" and then had an explanation of what a site subscriber and site member was vs. someone who contributed to a site.

The Member Pages section is more for employees or bloggers or anyone who contributes to the site. So, my client spent a lot of time creating Members Pages in addition to what is standard but they should have been creating normal, hidden pages.

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