October 2022 Marketing Ideas

Break out the sweaters, scarecrows, and everything pumpkin-spiced. It’s autumn! The changing leaves, the crisp, cool air. Football games, cider mills, haunted houses - there is so much to love about October. Enjoy this color-changing, spooky month while it lasts!

women holding a pink breast cancer ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The leaves may be changing to their yellows, oranges, and reds, but it is time to Think Pink! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is the time we support all women (and men) who are currently being treated for breast cancer, celebrate those who have beaten this disease, and remember the many loved ones we have lost to it.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation reports that every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. While there are many treatments available for breast cancer today, and the survival rate is growing, it is vital that women - starting at an early age - begin self-examinations and receive yearly mammograms.

Wear pink this month to support those who are fighting breast cancer and if your business is able, support charities and nonprofits that help cancer research.

National Depression Education and Awareness Month

Mental health is an important topic of discussion and education in the workplace. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States, with 21 million adults having at least one major depressive episode in 2020.

It is important to inform your employees that their mental health is important and that services are available to them should they need help. It is critical to destigmatize mental health and encourage employees to talk openly and honestly about their mental health for a better and more productive workplace.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month was created to educate the public about issues workers with disabilities face and how employers can be more inclusive. The idea of creating this awareness started back in the 1940s when veterans began returning from World War II with disabilities. The name has been changed and modified slightly to what we know today. Take some time to review your workplace culture to make sure you are inclusive of those with disabilities and show support for employees you have with disabilities.

fruit in a fun arrangement

October 4 - National Fruit at Work Day

Put down that donut or bagel and pick up an apple or banana - today is national fruit at work day. The day was started more than 20 years ago when The Fruit Guys - a company that will deliver fruit to your work - saw the unhealthy eating habits of the American worker and wanted to see a change.

Fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a great way to get extra nutrients and fiber in your diet. Apples actually have more caffeine than a cup of coffee and blue and purple fruits (like blueberries, blackberries, and concord grapes) can enhance your memory. So avoid the sugary muffin today and grab a delicious and healthy piece of fruit as your mid-morning snack. It may just become a habit!

pink flowers for your sweet on sweetest day

October 15 - Sweetest Day

While it may just seem like a “Hallmark holiday,” Sweetest Day actually has roots going back 100 years and is more than just a mushy holiday between lovebirds. The day was started back in 1922 in Cleveland Ohio when a local candy company wanted to make the day a little sweeter for some of the most vulnerable in the city by giving them a box of candy. The idea caught on with celebrities and then became more widely well-known.

Sweetest Day was especially celebrated in the mid-western states as a way to showcase good old-fashioned values like honesty and helping one’s neighbor. While it may seem more like Valentine’s Day of autumn, Sweetest Day is a good day to show extra kindness, patience, and love to your family, friends, and neighbors. No greeting card required!

October 16 - National Bosses Day

A day to celebrate the person who keeps you employed! We may not always like or understand our bosses, but they do sign our checks, so do a little something for them today. Bosses Day was created back in the 50s to improve relationships between supervisors and their employees. While it may seem like a cake job, being a boss is more challenging than you may think. There is much to consider with every decision, and oftentimes bosses have to make difficult choices that are detrimental to some.

Having a good, caring, compassionate boss is a blessing - not everyone has a “boss” boss. So if you have a great boss, take the time to say thank you today. Buy them a cup of coffee, get them a card or take them to lunch. Sometimes it can be lonely at the top - today, make them feel loved!