Organic vs. Local SEO

Knowing the difference between organic and local SEO

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the improving rankings for the main “organic” area within search engines. It is important to businesses with a national and international focus. This type of SEO focuses on improving rankings within the organic search results (as opposed to the “local-pack”) by optimizing a website for Google’s search engine algorithm. Organic SEO is traditional or classical search engine optimization, which starts with keyword research. The Internet is flooded with articles on how to perform organic SEO to improve Google rankings. Techniques within this form of SEO services include on-page optimization and off-page optimization, including things like meta tag and page title optimization, on-page content optimization, building backlinks and utilizing social media.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is improving rankings for the “local pack” area within search engines. Local SEO services is important to businesses relying on local/regional customers. Location targeted SEO is more recent than general organic search optimization. Optimizing for local rankings focuses on being found within the local pack, the area within Google results that shows a map with a listing of the three local businesses. The local listings area is a huge opportunity for smaller businesses relying on localized customers. The SEO techniques used for local website optimization are different than those of organic SEO. Restaurants, auto repair shops, electricians and plumbers are a few examples of the types of businesses that benefit from Local SEO.


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