Outsource Social Media, Yes or No?

Updated: Feb 9

Should You Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media?

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That's a tough question to answer. The short answer is yes... the long answer is, maybe? Just depends...

Social media is VERY good for marketing your business. The important thing to remember is once you start, just like email marketing, you shouldn't stop.

I always suggest that social media posts and interactions should be done “in house” first because your followers are going to enjoy your posts and interactions best when you or someone within your organization does them.

Social media should be fun, not 'salesy' and it should be authentic. When you have someone else posting on your behalf, it’s going to take a long time for them to know how to be "your kind of fun" and learn how to speak and interact the way you would.

Especially if your business is smaller. If your customers will be interacting with you or your manager mainly, they'll want to feel like when they interact on your social channel that they are ultimately being social with you, not someone they will never see.

If that means that you or your manager only spends a little amount of time on social media, due to factors that cause you to not be able to (or want to) be on social media often, then that's OK... it's better than having your channels represent something it isn’t.

But before I completely turn you off of hiring someone... let me continue as there is a place for such a job and a much needed one!

We follow the 50/30/20 rule:

  • Have fun 50% of the time

  • Be helpful 30% of the time

  • Spend 20% of your time fostering growth

The fun part and the helpful part really need to come from the owner or the manager, or someone who's invested deeply in the business and isn't going away anytime soon. The foster part still needs to represent the 'Voice & Tone' of the business, but can be generated and posted from anyone.

Let me back up for a second here; of course, these rules can be broken often and should be from time-to-time...

For example:

If you own a business where it's obvious that you have employees like a restaurant or an office type setting, someplace where customers can clearly see that posts are coming from different people within the organization, then the fun and helpful posts can be posted by those individually, but they are still "in house".

Fun posts are usually created and posted on a whim so having a 3rd party company post these on your behalf really isn't of value since by the time they can post it, the excitement has often passed.

But some pictures such as food or bulk images of parties, etc., these types of posts can still hold fun and excitement later in the week when they eventually get posted. So, as you can see, the rules can be bent. But 8ish times out of 10, when done in house and at the peak of its excitement, those types of posts are preferable.

But what about the technical side and what about that 20% of fostering? That’s where someone like our group comes in! There is a whole lot to learn and understand about social media and you can learn more by clicking here! If you follow that link, we'll explain a little bit about what we do for our client's social media channels.

Ok, back to "in house" social marketing.

If you don’t like social media (uh, I don’t like social media-shhhhh don’t tell anyone), then make your plan of action simple. You could find someone who wants to do it for you, but as we all know people come and go and you (as the owner or manager of your business) will always care more about your companies’ growth than anyone else. So, at some point, social media marketing will fall in your lap, even if briefly. You should consider planning to accommodate your needs when it comes to managing it even when someone else is doing it.

Here's what I do and what I suggest my clients do:

Develop a plan of consistency with a mood board. A mood board is going to KEEP YOU SANE! It’s really important.

In conjunction with a mood board, you’ll want a social strategy and guideline of who, what, where, when and how to post. If you can develop these key elements, you will be successful.

  • Who’s going to do it?

  • What will they post?

  • Which channels will they post on?

  • When will they post it?

  • How will the posts be written and how will they look (they should follow your mood board)?

You don't need to spend a lot of time on social media if you don't want to. Just be consistent and make sure the content you post is quality driven over quantity. It’s hard to remember, I forget often. So, I repeat… Consistency, quality forget quantity!

How often to ‘plug in’:

  • You are going to want to check on social channels daily to communicate with your followers, but you only have to check in and reply a little and then you can get right off.

  • You are going to want to get on once a week to look things over to determine what’s working and what isn't. This will take a little longer. You’ll need to study how things went and make notes about them. Adjust your strategy plan every quarter if needed but don’t do it too often.

  • And you are going to want to get on once a month to schedule posts in advance. Use Buffer, it saves a lot of time or use Facebook’s built-in scheduler.

And there you go! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

If you have any questions, schedule a call-I love talking all things marketing!

Amanda Honeywell of HMG

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