Rank High on Search Engines

Updated: Feb 10

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Rank high on search engines.

We’ve all heard the term Search engine optimization (#SEO) but what is SEO exactly?

In simplest form, SEO is the process of making sure your website is being seen on #searchengines as a valuable option for users. To do this, you must take control of your #onlinepresence so that search engines like #google (GMB), #bing and #yahoo trust your business enough to share it first! They need to believe that what you are offering is of value so that they can provide correct answers to users who ask questions.

Take control of your online presence.


A Directory Listing Program (DLP), such as #yext, will simultaneously list your business’s website, hours, location, products, services, staff bios and more across 100s of online #directorylistings with a click of a button! ​

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Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)


You'll want to set up and monitor retargeting #PPC ads for your marketing efforts on Google, Yelp, #facebook, #amazon, #youtube, etc.


Spend time each month #optimizing the three main search engines: Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo.

Clear Interpretation

Interpreting reports can be daunting. If you have a project manager, they should read and understand all of the reports your SEO agent obtains and present them to you at regularly scheduled marketing meetings.

Citations and Links

Work on ensuring your business is referenced and mentioned on other domain sites that have an authority of 20 and above.


Apply data patterns towards effective decision making when it comes to your website, your directory listing and your search engine marketing (#SEM).

SEO should be the main focus of any website as it’s the most important service out there. Because having a website alone doesn't mean you will get found online!

A little bit about what we do…

The Directory Listing Program (DLP)

We will list your business on our DLP, CMS platform which simultaneously lists your business’s website, hours, location, products, services, staff bios and more across 100s of online directory listings with a click of a button! Popular listings are GMB, Bing, Yelp, Mapquest, Superpages, White and Yellow Pages, Amazon Alexa, Showmelocal, Merchantcircle, Citysearch, uscity.net, USA Chamber of Commerce, Brownbook, Localstack and many more! ​


In addition to your DLP communicating and managing your directories, we spend time each month optimizing the 3 main search engines. Bing communicates with #duckduckgo and #yelp communicates with Yahoo! We also optimize all of your website pages on a monthly basis using Yoast. Our efforts enrich your site following Google’s best practices for powerful content management.

Citations and links