Getting Customer Referrals Shouldn't Be Hard

Updated: Feb 9

bean stalk

Your client's aren't Jack Trott–they don't want to embark on a scary journey up a beanstalk to get what they want.

If your people, products and process (thanks for the catch phrase, Marcus Lemonis) is working well for you, and your 'Tone & Voice' is on point, then referrals will start to roll in because your clients are having an easy and enjoyable time receiving the products and services they want!

You’ll get referrals from those who have direct experience working with your company (Experience-Based Referrals). Your projects and overall track record will become well-known which will bring in Reputation-Based Referrals and you’ll get referrals just by purely having a presence in your niche (Specialization-Based Referrals).

But how do you ensure that you have what it takes to get referrals?

Make sure the people in your organization are properly trained and have the tools to do their job well.

Make sure that the products you offer are outstanding and in line with what you stand for. Do the people you want actually need what you sell? Where you are selling it?

Make sure your process is user-focused! Can potential customers easily find you? Is the way you display your products and services easily understandable?

This all has to do with User Experience.

We all want a Golden Egg but if we have to climb a beanstalk and fight a giant, forget about it.

User experience is Key! A business can have the best, most amazing and innovative product in the world...but if the owner is hard to deal with, if the company’s website is difficult to navigate, and if the businesses' employees don't have all the tools they need to assist the one will ever want to make that journey.

If you help your potential and current customers in their purchase process referrals will be knocking at the door.

If you have any questions, schedule a call-I love talking all things marketing!

Amanda Honeywell of HMG

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A. Honey

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