User Experience (UX Design)

Updated: Feb 10

What is User Experience? 

User Experience

Users have an undeniable role in understanding your website from search engines. Unfortunately, the user experience is dependent on many factors and its evaluation is very complex. Here at Hillsdale Web Design, we create websites that focus on a user's experience. Developing a site from a user experience point of view is a very difficult challenge. Many professionals don’t even think about user experience and if they do, they may struggle at it. Some designers may even avoid dealing with this issue.

We make sure to pay attention to the following key user experience elements: 

If you invest in Advertisement Management Services with us, we optimize your site to make sure the presence of the user and CTR (Click-through Rate) are high and the bounce rate on the opposite side is low.

As far as website setup goes, there are two key elements that help with user experience:

Site Structure: Search engines will monitor your website, but they need to be able to monitor it well. Users should be able to easily find the pages they want. Your website will include as many–or as little–pages as you need, and the site structure will be laid out and approved prior.

UX Design: Your Multimedia and Web Designer will use their skills in graphic, web, and UX design. As a professional web design company, we keep in mind how we want your viewers to behave on your website. We believe in branding and good design. Our designers create custom, powerful websites where quality is the main focus.

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