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What’s New in Website Trends in 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

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What’s New in Website Trends in 2022

Thinking about redesigning your website in 2022? While you may think your website is fine, your customers may see the same site you have had for years and not think there is anything new or interesting about it. It is a good idea to redesign your website every two to three years. This could mean a complete overhaul of all your copy and pages or simply some surprising up here or there to give your website a fresh look.

Tech savvy business owners can make some tweaks here and there, but if you are looking for an overhaul, better contact a web designer. Website building can get complicated and overwhelming quickly - especially if you want to have your copy properly linked, SEO and good search engine visibility, a professional is the way to go. Otherwise you could spend a lot of time (and money) on a website that is difficult to find and rarely seen.

If a little zhoozh is all you are looking for, here are a few trends you may want to consider including in your website revamp. Or, if you do need a complete redesign and are contacting a professional, let them know you want some of these top trends for 2022 included in your business’ website.

It takes 20 years for a trend to die and then become fashionable again.

Cyclical styles

The rule in fashion is that it takes 20 years for a trend to die and then become fashionable again. That may be why so many teens are running around in Doc Martens while their moms reminisce about wearing them to a blink-182 concert.

The same can also be said for websites. Trends and common website designs that became tired and worn out and now making a comeback. Fonts for example. Retro fonts are fonts that look like typefaces used in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This type of font looks fun and exciting to Gen Z and is nostalgic to millennials and Gen Xers. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Also in 2022, the art deco look is coming back in a big way. The swinging 1920s with the flapper dresses and jazz music also brought a distinct architectural style. The art deco style incorporates clean curving lines and repetitive geographic shapes. The bold but simple style is perfect for a new logo, fonts or illustrations for your website.

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Visually stimulating

Plain back text on a plain white background has been done to death. It’s boring and when a potential customer sees it throughout your site, they will get tired and leave. There is so much color and texture in the world - bring that to your website!

Grainy textures can give a bold webpage a more natural feel. Bright colors can be jarring to the eye but giving them a grainy look is visually pleasing. Gaussian blur is another soft way to present a webpage. The soft swirl of color in this technique gives you a page that is very welcoming.

Want something new but don’t want to go too drastically different? Try using muted colors. Instead of a stark white backdrop use a pale pink or cream color. It may appear barely noticeable to you and maybe even to the customer, but just that small change will be softer and more comfortable to the eye.

Ready to be bold? Try using an oversize type. Big bold type over a muted picture makes a statement! Or go dark! Use black or dark color backgrounds and white or light colored fonts to make your webpage pop!

Here are 5 duo color schemes that will relax your site visitors!

Silver Chalice (HEX AAAAAA) & Hippie Blue (HEX 4A99B0)

Grey is often perceived as a drab, lifeless, and downright sad color by the general public. Grey, on the other hand, Silver Chalice is a very calming and cooling color. When used with shades of blue such as Hippie Blue, grey can evoke a sense of serenity.

Celery (HEX B8C750) & Raffia (HEX E9E2BB)

The color Celery (a shade of green) evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. One of the most calming and soothing colors is green, which is associated with nature and symbolizes a sense of well-being. The green family's mild yellow-greens, such as Raffia, are the most stress-relieving hues.

We Peep (HEX FBEDEF) & Vanilla Ice (HEX F1D1D6)

The hues of We Peep and Vanilla Ice (shades of pink) are known to promote a sense of peace and serenity as well. In fact, according to Feng Shui, the color pink is said to calm and subdue the various energy in a space. Its tranquility encourages a state of equilibrium in your body and mind. Although pink is typically associated with a baby girl's nursery, the proper shade of pink may look stunning on a website.

Amethyst Smoke (HEX A094B6) & Snuff (HEX E4DBF0)

Amethyst Smoke and Snuff Violet are colors that denote inner strength, tranquility and enlightenment. They have the ability to return you back to a state of equilibrium and serenity of mind. Violet is a popular choice for those seeking a serene ambiance. Consider using a violet-colored color scheme on your website if you don't want to go for an all-violet theme.

Portica (HEX F7E06B) & Tusk (HEX EAF4BC)

Yellow is a color that instantly lifts your spirits and gives you a bright outlook on life. Keep a large 'yellow thing' prominently displayed on your homepage if you want your site users to have a positive experience while navigating your website. Viewers on a website where yellow is displayed appear to be more alert and active. Pair Portica with Tusk to balance the look!

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Keep them moving

How your website flows is very important to keeping customers on your site and avoiding high bounce rates. Moving customers from one webpage to another used to be the trend, but just like with fonts, old trends making a comeback.

Horizontal scrolling used to be considered a big non-no in web design but it is coming back as a fun way to showcase secondary content. However keep a few things in mind if you design to add horizontal scrolling to your website.

  • Do not put main text (such as contact information) in the horizontal scroll. This should be used for less pertinent information.

  • Don’t force it. Allow users to have other ways to get to the information in the horizontal scroll, like a clearly marked arrow button.

  • Think about what is going to be seen in the horizontal scroll. Graphics and pictures are a better choice then text.

Scrolling cards are a great way to showcase products or individual services. Whether the cards scroll horizontally or vertically the movement provides a great visual and adds action to your website.

Add movement to your website with moving text. Whether it is a scroll bar at the bottom of each page with contact information or circular scrolling text to highlight a key feature of your business, moving text will add visual stimulation to your website and keep your customer engaged.

Look good, sound good

Your website may look good, but how does it sound? Having your website be not just a place to go, but a full experience for your users makes for a better site overall. Including audio and video into your web design will enhance the users experience as well as better illustrate who you are as a business and what you do. It can also help those who are visually impaired have better access to your website. Be sure to have closed captioning on all audio and keep it simple. Too much visually can be distracting and turn viewers away.

Overall the general theme for a website in 2022 should be simplicity. Make sure your website has clear calls to action, calming colors and vivid imagery.

Good luck and have fun!

Sarah Gray of HMG

Sarah Gray


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