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When to Start Email Marketing?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Knowing when to start email marketing is easy. Right away. Start emailing now and don't stop!

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But what if you don't have a lot of contacts you ask? OK, let's break it down:

Email Marketing–using a list you already have:

Say you already have an established list of contacts. That's great! You can simply start there on your marketing journey. Blast away because after your website is built and live, you can start to email all of your contacts on a consistent basis.

Use that quality content that you spent so much time creating and blast that stuff out! This will help you retain customers–it's an amazing tool that you should consider using to your benefit.

While your content in the emails you send should be rich and relevant, you don't have to go crazy. We all get 100s of emails daily and if you're like me, you don’t have time to read them all. Your customers don't either. So you don’t have to go above and beyond in your email blasting efforts.

Whatever you offer, make it consistent. 1 email every quarter, nice! 1 every month, great! 1 every week… ok, sure, but make them light, easy, and fun. **unless you're in a market who's competing with Big Box offices or large demographic groups with lots of competition** but that's a talk for another day.

Just once you start, don’t stop. The keyword here is “relevant”. The content you do offer does need to be relevant. And don't worry about it too much...most readers will open your email if the title is catchy and they won't “unsubscribe” if you don’t annoy them. If they do unsubscribe, don't take it personally. Just be mindful of how many unsubscribe and how often.

If you see a pattern just rethink how you are emailing. Create email tags and lists, put some of your contacts in one and some in another and only email those who you think would find your content relevant.

Email Marketing–without an established list:

You have so much to talk about but no one to share it with. What do you do?

Pretty much everyone is in this boat at least in the beginning stages of their entrepreneurship journey. Building an email list is hard and it takes time. You can reach out to 3rd party companies like your Chamber of Commerce who can send emails on your behalf or if you are a real estate agent you may have access to your corporate’s email list or you can go into a marketing strategy and work towards building up your list.

Even if you only have a few contacts, email them anyway! When you create your content, put it on your website first, then email snippets of it. Share that content on your social channels, too! That way you don’t feel you are spending time creating content for little reward. Content is king on a website and you never know, the contacts you have may just reorder or spread the word, so it’s a win-win!

Forms of Direct Marketing:
  • Welcome Emails

  • Email Newsletters

  • Dedicated Emails

  • Lead Nurturing Emails

  • Sponsorship Emails

  • Transactional Emails

  • Re-Engagement Emails

  • Brand Story Emails

Either way, email marketing is a VERY amazing marketing tool and we always recommend using it.

If you have any questions, schedule a call-I love talking all things marketing!

Amanda Honeywell of HMG

I make creatively bold brands, experiences and solutions.

A. Honey

Chief Everything Officer



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