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Custom-built restaurant websites

Hillsdale Web Design will create a beautiful and functional restaurant website for your business. Start with a FREE landing page mockup. No credit card is required.

Already have a website? We can recreate your existing website on our platform (while adding flare and modern trends to it of course!) for a fraction of the cost!

Bring in new customers and grow sales.

Amanda Honeywell, or "A. Honey," is a Michigan-based website designer who has shown to be able to deliver the most powerful and elegant approach to convey your ideas online, whether you're constructing a restaurant website, posting a blog, or running a business.


Why choose a professional restaurant website designer?

If your restaurant website is constructed on a low-cost website builder platform, hundreds of thousands of other websites will be using the same template!

Beat the Competition

To beat the competition online, a professional digital marketer with experience in website design for the restaurant industry can ensure your restaurant website is custom-made, SEO-optimized, and ranks #1 for relevant keywords.

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Experience Powerful Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is built in from the beginning to ensure that bots will index your site. You'll be able to interact with customers on different social media platforms and learn more about your customers using real-time analytics.

Everything Your Business Needs

Your restaurant website has everything you need in one place, including an exquisite menu, reservations, an events calendar, and an online store.

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Content and navigation that is engaging and simple to use.

The most forward-thinking restaurant owners in the business trust Hillsdale Web Design to make their restaurant websites, which range from fine dining to casual eateries. A partnership with Hillsdale Web Design means your website will be up-to-date while working with your external systems, including online ordering systems.

Meet Your Designer!

Hello, my name is Amanda Honeywell or "A. Honey" as my friends call me. I own and operate HMG and I'll help you with the business side of your restaurant by phone/text, email, Zoom, or in person (if you're nearby). I am a marketing manager and website designer with a great deal of experience who lives in Hillsdale, Michigan. I have extensive knowledge about how to get your restaurant website seen on page 1 of Google and am ready to help you whenever you are.

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