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Be a Socialite! Your followers want to hear from you–be sociable with them in a fun way!

We will have a lot of information to share on your social channels once we have created podcasts, blogs, newsletters and promotional campaigns.

The Neighborly Package

We understand what social channels prefer to see when it comes to ‘what to post’ and ‘when to post it’. We're kinda' like a good neighbor in that sense. You know the ones who don't leave their dirty laundry everywhere and instead clean up after themselves? We extend a cup of sugar when needed and greet passersby with a kind smile and light conversation. This is our neighborly social media package!

We will spend time on a monthly basis scheduling business related posts to your social channels. But don't worry, we still make them fun! For instance, Instagram will have branded designs that showcase your business, LinkedIn and GMB posts will pull informative information and Facebook will be fun and interactive. We will provide all of our own content since we will have plenty of it from your blogs and podcasts. This will leave you available so that you can focus on your business.

The Gregarious Package–You want more, we get it!

You flock to your followers and want them to surround themselves with all-things your business! We understand that a focus on organic and “real” posts are what keeps your followers engaged!

Content writing plays a big role on your social media platforms. We make sure you have the best content for your website, your newsletters, your blog and more so that we can generate the right content for your social channels and become a true socialite!

Your social media agent will show off your business as a whole and talk about what’s happening–the fun stuff! Your newsletters, blogs, portfolio pieces, etc. are all items they will pull inspiration from.

We will prove just how awesome your business is to your clients and potential clients with strategic, targeted posts and meaningful interactions. This service is more than sharing business related posts because while those posts are very much needed, social media should be fun! Interacting with your followers is a very important part of social media best practices but aside from sharing posts and liking or loving them, we also curate custom strategies for our clients. We avoid “over selling” and instead generate imagery and content that will engage your followers.

Your digital media agent will be responsible for customizing posts and interactions that follow your brand, utilizing their skills as a multimedia designer. We interact with your followers and give your client’s special callouts such as their achievements. We focus on them!

We conduct Facebook giveaways and contests; we ask your followers questions and encourage them to interact with our posts.

We create mini videos to show off your products, we manage day-of sales or longer sale campaigns on your social channels and we make sure your product reviews, tutorials, and how-to videos are listed properly.

Social Media
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