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Say goodbye to paper business cards and hello digital.

A business card that sets you apart!

Let us create for you a one-of-a-kind digital business card that acts as a mini-website for your business.  Its a URL Link: hmgroupmi .com/sbc-last name-first name/

No searching through pockets, briefcases and purses to find wrinkled bend-up paper business cards. Digital business cards offer a quick and easy way to give important contacts your information! Digital business cards can easily transfer your information into their contact lists for immediate calls, texts and emails. All with just one link!


Only $149.97 


Say goodbye to paper business cards and hello digital–a fast, simple way to get your business information to customers!

  • We can design for you a custom digital business card with 2 years of changes for FREE. 

  • All cards work on iPhone, Android, desktop computers and tablets. 

  • It is also shareable through SMS, email, WhatsApp and more. 

  • Send it to anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device!

Digital business cards are the new way of doing business. Potential customers/clients have quick access to your business’ online presence including social media, website and email. Digital cards can help you create more business transactions by reaching more clients. Cards are compatible on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

See what makes our business cards so effective!

Quick, Smart & Special Features

  • More clients and more business transactions

  • Organic marketing via Social media network and Google SEO

  • Compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile phone

  • Share your recommendations with potential clients

  • Customers get a taste of your business before committing to buy anything

  • Quick access buttons (social media, image gallery, email, etc.)

  • Navigation button to your business address

  • Lead generation system just like a landing page!


Only $149.97 



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